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Meet My Baby is passionate about creating magical moments for expectant parents to meet their little one. Our comfortable, welcoming, and professional baby scan clinics provide you with a heart-warming environment that celebrates the joys of having a baby and helps you to create happy memories that will last a lifetime.


We are dedicated to providing an extensive range of professional services that offers every mum a chance to connect with their baby and build memories that they will relish together for a lifetime. Simply put, we want to enhance the joys of pregnancy and ensure you are even more excited about the day your baby arrives.


Our modern clinics provide a safe and spacious environment for you to meet your baby from the moment you arrive. We strive to provide the most convenient and stress-free service for you and your baby, so all our clinic locations have been hand-picked with great care and consideration.

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Your pregnancy journey deserves a professional and fun experience that you and your family can treasure forever. This is a truly joyous moment in your life, which we are excited to be part of too. We cannot wait to meet you and your baby in one of our clinics.

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There are few things more magical than meeting a mother and her baby for the first time. Whether you are looking for a fulfilling career in pregnancy care with the Meet My Baby team or eager to take advantage of our unique franchise offering, we have plenty of rewarding opportunities for you.

Early Pregnancy Scan

We understand how anxious the early stages of your pregnancy scan be and it is easy to get concerned about the progress your baby is making. Our Early Pregnancy Scan (also known as a viability scan) is designed to reassure expectant mothers, alleviate worries, and give you an opportunity to meet your baby for the first time.

Gender Scan

Determining the gender of your unborn baby is likely to be one of your principle curiosities and an exciting moment in your pregnancy journey. Our Gender Scan (also known as a sexing scan) is for those who simply cannot wait for birth and want to get everything ready for the day their little boy or girl arrives.

Well-being Scan

If you are still concerned about how your baby is developing, our well-being scan is designed to put you at ease. It’s natural to feel a little worried, so our late reassurance scan enables you to take a closer look at the position, size, and wellbeing of your baby. You deserve peace of mind during this special time.

4D Baby Scan

Our 4D Baby Scan is the perfect opportunity to begin bonding with your unborn baby and capture the essence of their look and character. For the first time, you can see them move, smile, yawn, suck their fingers, or even hiccup! These are moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.


Toxoplasmosis is a common infection that is usually harmless but may impact your baby’s health during pregnancy. Making sure your baby is happy and healthy is our top priority and conducting a toxoplasmosis test enables you to continue the pregnancy with confidence that your little one is blossoming


A Non-Invasive Pregnancy Test (NIPT) is a safe and advanced blood test that screens for Down’s Syndrome and reveal certain other abnormalities in your baby. As one of the most predictive, sensitive, accurate non-invasive tests available, we are able to rule out chromosomal abnormalities with far greater accuracy than traditional blood tests.